The use of steroids for sports and bodybuilding has been known to us for a long time. Steroid used by male athletes is more common than by females. Even females are using steroids for body building steroids, which some people consider bad. Steroids used in sports by male and female are at equal rates. Let us take a look at different steroids for women bodybuilding and the best of them available. Female bodybuilding steroids has it advantages and disadvantages.

We as humans always want perfection when it comes to our body, and we are always searching for short cuts. Using supplements and steroids are now not just considered to be a part of sports. It is now commonly used in bodybuilding by women’s too. Legal steroids are one of the best steroids that you can prefer to use. It is a natural way to improve progress and improvement. legal steroids help to increase muscle strength, gain energy, burn fat, increase stamina and increase strength quickly. Legal steroids are made from 100% natural way and that has no major side effects like illegal anabolic steroids.

Some of the best legal steroids for women are as follows-

  1. Dbol (Dianabol)
  2. Trenbolone
  3. Sustanon

What are anabolic steroids?

Anabolism is a natural process that is responsible for the formation of new muscle cells and body healing. Anabolism is a process that deals with some or the other creation in the body. Anabolic steroids are used by most of the athletes and bodybuilder.


It is an injectable and oral anabolic steroid that is used by bodybuilders to increase physical performance and strength, mass enhancement etc. Primobolan acts long and it has less anabolic side effects. It is one of the safest steroids that can be used both by men and women. It shows less chances of liver in toxicity or aromatization.

Reasons why body builders use Primobolan-

  1. It prevents muscle wastage and is perfect for cutting cycles . It helps to maintain the muscles you gained. Primobolan can help you look more chiselled and give conditioning effect on your body which will make you look harder.
  2. Primobolan is a mild anabolic steroid. If you take a high dosage of it , it will not give major side effects like breast enlargement in women. It produces less side effects compared to other anabolic steroids which causes liver intoxicity.
  3. One of the major advantage is it has an enhancing effect which last long and it wont let your work go in vain just in few days. It helps to burn fat and increase muscle size.
  4. It has a great ability to enhance strength which is a much needed for bodybuilders. It has a good healing capacity.

Primobolan may show less side effects than other steroids but it is not completely safe. Excess or when not use in the right way can give bad reactions to the body. Primobolan side effects consist of depression, hair loss, balding, excess body hair, acne , increases in cholesterol

Steroids For Womens

How does it work?

Protein is very essential thing to build up our muscles. Our body produces protein but they are not enough to build our body muscles, that is why supplements and steroids are used by athletes, body builder and actors. More nitrogen can be kept in your muscle with the help of Deca Durabolin which helps to create more proteins.

Advantages of using :-

  1. Massive muscle gains
  2. Increase in lean muscle mass
  3. Explosive power and strength
  4. Lower body fat
  5. Super charged workout sessions
  6. Reduces estrogens

Side effects of using :-

  1. Acne
  2. Hair loss
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Water retention problems
  5. Excessive hair growth
  6. High level of cholesterol
  7. Masculism
  8. Deep voice
  9. Creation of male characteristic
  10. Dilation of clitoris

People who are prohibited to use :-

  1. Those who have heart problems
  2. People who have high blood pressure
  3. Breastfeeding or pregnant women
  4. People under 18 years of age
  5. People with liver problems
  6. People with blood disorder

In spite of knowing its side effects if you want to use, make sure you are taking proper dosage like 400 mg for an entire week. Best for you is to use legal steroids that can help you build your body in a worry  free manner.

Can be used Safely Steroids For Women?

Women cannot use all kinds of steroids. One of the major causes of it as most of the steroids produce toxins that led to masculine characteristics in female. An imbalance in sex  hormones causes the development of male characteristics which is called virilization, 

Some of steroids for women are safe because of the compared ratio between anabolic to androgenic ratio. This ratio is a parameter to show if the steroid will have a masculine side effect or no. When a steriod show high rating anabolic and low rating of androgens it enhance cellular growth. Therefore in the case where low anabolic rating is there and high androgen rating , it promotes masculine feature development. The main aim is to choose steroid which high anabolic rating and low androgens to avoid any major side effects that can lead to virilization.

What steroid do Female bodybuilding use?

Anavar– Women who has a fear of the masculine side effects can use this as it is very mild and show low potential for side effects.


How does Anavar work for females?

Anavar is popularly known as female steroid. As it is one of the steroids which lack testosterone and it is a popular choice among females. It does not convert into testosterone nor it aromatizes. It is very often used by women. In the beginning it shows slight change.

Why Anavar is used by many females?

    1. Burns Fat
    2. Needles are not required
    3. Improved athletic performance
    4. Increased strength levels
    5. It does not aromatizes
    6. One of the safest steroids for women

Anavar dosage for women?

One should start with taking 10 mg per day and check out the tolerance level of your body. Gradually you can take up to 20 mg per day. Most of the females do not increase it more than 20 mg as it can start to harm.

Side effects of Using Anavar?

    1. Loss of libido
    2. Potential Liver toxicity

Primobolan:– Primobolan due to its mid nature has become famous among females to build lean muscle or bodybuilding. It  is available in both injectable and oral. It is mainly used for lean tissue building. Primobolan may show virilization effects when taken in high dosage

Why Primobolan is used by females?

Primobolan provides the unique way of adding perfect amount of muscles while becoming leaner and preserving masculinity. It is a really attractive steroid Due to its mild nature Primobolan is used both for bulking and cutting cycles.

  1. Lean muscle gains
  2. Increase in strength
  3. Enhance nitrogen retention
  4. Reduces body fat


  1. Hair loss
  2. Excessive body hair growth
  3. Deepening of the voice
  4. Enlarged clitoris
  5. Menstrual irregularities

Primobolan dosage for women?

The dosage of Primobolan depends on the way it is taken. Oral Primobolan is always taken in higher dosages than injectable Primobolan. Oral Primobolan is taken atleast once a day whereas injectable Primobolan is  taken once or twice a week. 40 – 75 mg per day is a typical dosage for oral Primobolan and 50- 100 mg per week for injectable Primobolan.

Winstrol–  It consist of one of the strongest ratios of anabolic and androgens. It has an ability to promote muscle growth and also helps in water retention. It is great for models and bodybuilders.

Why women use Winstrol?

  1. To burn fat
  2. Increase lean muscle
  3. It binds with cellular androgen receptors
  4. It gives you boosting which you have not experienced before
  5. It lowers SHBG and increases protein synthesis which gives instant energy boosting.
  6. It has a good effect on sex hormone binding globulin
  7. Faster tissue repair

Side effects of using Winstrol :-

  1. Hair loss/Baldness
  2. Depression
  3. Liver damage
  4. Increase cholesterol levels
  5. Insomnia

Winstrol dosage for women?

Winstrol is commonly taken in the form of pill orally. It can be used both injectable and orally. Steroid stay in the body for more than 9 hours and to get the best of result you can take it twice day. The daily dosage which is recommended is from 40 mg to 80 mg.


Clenbluterol – It is a stimulant that is used to burn body fat very effectively. Women use this steroid basically when they are preparing for body building and photoshoot. For cutting it is termed as to be the best. It helps to strip the body fat without causing water retention and bloating. Women use it basically for weight loss.

How Clenbluterol is taken?

Dosage depends on the tolerance of gender. It follows a programme cycle which consist of taking 2 days taking Clenbluterol and 2 days not taking.

Side effects of taking Clenbluterol :-

  1. Injection  causes scarring or bubbles to form in the blood while tablets affect the liver.
  2. Anxiety
  3. Headache
  4. Abnormal sweating
  5. Raised body temperature
  6. Shaking

Dianabol- It is an androgenic and anabolic steroids. It helps to enhance your performance and increase your limits. It gives you a great physique in a short period of time. One of the reasons Dianabol is so oftenly used my athletes as it acts rapidly.

Benefits of Dianabol :


  • It helps to burn fat
  • It helps to give better recovery rates
  • It increases metabolic capacity
  • It helps to increase the production of Red Blood Cells
  • It increases your strength
  • Helps to decrease fatigue.
  • Enhances protein synthesis


Dosage For Dianabol-

Dianabol is taken orally in the form of pills. One of the reason people prefer using Dianabol than other steroids is it can be taken orally. Dosage of the steroids depends whether it is taken by the beginners of professional athletes. In between 30-50 mg can be taken each day. For the people who need more insane affect can use 80 mg per day but that will not be a good choice.

Side effects of Using Dianabol :-

  1. Acne
  2. Excessive hair growth
  3. The body holds more water
  4. Insomnia
  5. Cardio problems

Winsol – It is a safe and legal steroid. Winsol cause less damage to the body than Winstrol which almost give the same results. Winsol cane be used as an alternative to Winstrol.

Benefits of using Winsol :-

  1. Improves blood flow
  2. Retain lean muscles during cutting
  3. Elevated androgen receptor levels
  4. Gets rid of water retain problems
  5. Improves strength

Dosage of Winsol :-

It is recommended to take 3 pills during a meal with water everyday for almost two months. It is important to take the pills with a proper diet.

There are no much side effects of using winsol as it is a safe legal steroid but there are people who are prohibited to use this steroid.

  1. Pregnant women
  2. Breastfeeding women
  3. You are minor
  4. You are suffering from illness
  5. You are following medication

HGH( Human Growth Hormone) – It is a very popular steroid among athletes and bodybuilder. It works rapidly and clearly show results just after 15 days of using. The minimum length of using HGH cycle is two months. The longer the cycles lesser should be the dosage.

Benefits of using HGH-

  1. Reduces body fat
  2. Increase strength
  3. Improve bone density
  4. Helps to build in body mass
  5. Increase athletic ability

Dosage taken of HGH :-

The dosage recommended for Body building and athletes is 4 International units. The beginners are advised for using 4- 6 IU of HGH per day. One should always start with low dosage. According to the body’s reaction you can gradually increase the dosage but not up to 15 IU per day as it will effect your liver and pancreas. If you are using 10 IU per day, you should also use insulin to prevent chances of getting diabetes.

.Side effects of using HGH-

  1. Nerve muscle or joint pain
  2. Swelling of the arms and legs
  3. High cholesterol levels
  4. Growth of cancerous tumours
  5. Low blood sugar
  6. Liver damage
  7. Fatigue
  8. Enlarge heart
  9. Diabetes
  10. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Deca – It is a natural steroid produce by adrenal glands . The body turns Deca to estrogens and testosterones. Dosage STEROIDS FOR WOMEN is 50 mg per day which is safe for one year. 25 mg per day can be used for two years which is safe. The minor side effects shown by the intake of Deca is acne, greasy skin, increased hair growth in armpits.

Some of the benefits are as follows :-

  1. Building up the adrenal gland
  2. Improving memory
  3. Increase bone and muscle strength
  4. Providing more energy
  5. Strengthening of immune system
  6. Building up adrenal gland

How steroids are taken?

Steroids are taken either orally, by pills or through intramuscular injections. Dosing are done in cycles of weeks and months, that process is called cycling.

Stacking is referred to as the process where different types of steroids are taken at the same time. Pyramiding refers to slowing increasing the dosage of the steroid.

What steroids do to females ?

Benefits of steroids and female body building  supplements-

  1. Intensity workout is increased
  2. Burn fat and uncover lean muscle
  3. It helps to increase stamina  and endurance
  4. Muscle size is increased
  5. Better healing rates
  6. Increase in performance and body mass.

7.faster recovery time between workouts

8.Better performance.

Side effects when a women use steroids-

  1. Deepening of the voice
  2. Development of Masculine characteristics
  3. Excessive of hair growth
  4. Enlargement of clitoris
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Infertility
  7. Liver disease
  8. Increase rate of heart disease etc.

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